Are striptease and porn taboo in Sweden?
Striptease and porn

Striptease and porn taboo in Sweden

I have been wondering why striptease in the year 2023 is still seen as something "forbidden", maybe even taboo in Sweden? In a country where we have come so much further than many others regarding gender equality. Where women do not "need" a man to survive? Doesn't it feel better to know that the person you're with chooses to be with you just because they want to, and not because of financial reasons?

More and more women are taking up managerial positions, buying their own apartments and making more and more money around the world. The question is, is there a difference between money and money? If I earn my money by dancing off my clothes, isn't that money worth as much as if I were a bank manager? Everywhere on social media we see more and more stripping, women and men showing off in bikinis, underwear, see-through tops and pants. If it's fashion, it doesn't matter how much/little we show of ourselves. But, mention the word striptease or porn and it suddenly looks different.

The hot debate

A thought worth considering because there is currently a heated debate about Linda Skugge. The author and debater, the outspoken writer with a strong feminist perspective who has now opened an Onlyfans account. The hate is raging, and the fact that this woman now chooses to sell "hard-core porn" strikes a chord with many. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Linda Skugge herself has never been late or afraid to openly criticize other people's (especially women's) choice of how they present themselves. Onlyfans is a platform where you can earn money by selling both pictures and videos of yourself. Something that is becoming more and more common today. Who are you and I to criticize another person's choice to show themselves? To call striptease porn is really a bit of a stretch in my eyes. But we think and think differently, and certainly it is both sexy, porny and glamorous at the same time with striptease! 😉

Striptease and porn

Forbidden and exciting

But maybe it's because striptease is associated with porn, that many people see it as something taboo? The forbidden and the exciting is attractive, because who can resist the temptation to be seduced? I see the beauty and charm of striptease. I see performers who dance, who love to show off, meet people, who provide an experience you should treat yourself to by visiting a strip club. These are the women who exude enormous confidence and have the self-assurance to take on life! Watch, learn and admire!

If a friend or colleague chooses to show themselves behind a screen, with pictures or even record pornography, I would never judge. As long as he/she does it of their own free will, and above all, enjoys what they do. Imagine if we could ignore what everyone else around us thinks, thinks and says and focus on ourselves. And with that, be able to enjoy the successes of others. As a porn queen, police officer, or banker.

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