And the sex date


And the sex date

Half of August has soon passed and we did not get much more summer than the month of June. The wonderful thing about cooler degrees and the fall that is soon coming is the evenings with their darkness, lit candles, nice company and hopefully fantastic sex on it 😉 Fantastic sex is hopefully whether it is hot or cold outside (!) But the summer gives many of us the opportunity to meet someone or some to have these evenings with when the fall comes. Now, not everyone is looking for a permanent relationship, I myself love to be alone, to raw myself, plan my time and avoid the bad conscience for not "having the time" to be seen, or to hear from me. But I love sex, and like most people have needs to satisfy 😉 So it suits me perfectly to meet someone from time to time for a hot sex date!


What I like about not being in a steady relationship with someone is that there are no expectations, both from me and from the other person. Every time we decide to get together it's something I look forward to, getting ready, feeling pretty, sexy and seeing the appreciation and horniness in his eyes. Whether it's dinner, a nice evening at home with deep conversations and wine, or a quick sex date in his office, it's important to make the most of the time, because I don't know when I'll see him next.

And the sex date

A nice moment in the shower

Love to fantasize and yearn. Also an advantage when you don't have it available 24/7. Longing makes you not take anything for granted and appreciate it all the more! Not just sex, that applies to most things. We can long for summer, sun and warmth, but would we appreciate it as much if we had the same all year round? But of course it can be a little too long in between and it's an advantage to have a whole bag full of toys to use when the urge strikes! 😉 Speaking of toys, Womanizer has come up with a really exciting news! Namely, a shower head for pleasure! Womanizer wave is the news for those who want to make the shower even more enjoyable! 😉 I am so curious and have not bought it yet, I will simply return when I have tried! 😀

Sex date in the laundry room

So what does a hot sex date look like for you? I myself received a text message earlier in the day, I had the laundry to do and plenty to do before training and work. But who can resist a quick sex date in the laundry room? 😉 How many have fantasized about having sex on a washing machine when it's in full swing? However, my machines in the laundry room are way too high so the idea was fun, but, there are other ways than sitting on the machine itself. So I asked him to come there, said and done. A very effective sex date if I may say so myself! Perhaps not the hottest, but very satisfying!

Summer is on loan for a short while, and as much as we look forward to it, we know it will soon be over. Take the opportunity to enjoy the warm days and evenings ahead, why not end a night out with us at Club KINO? Here we don't offer hot sex dates, but beautiful women and hot shows are promised! Enjoy a lovely lap dance or time in one of our VIP rooms! Forget all the musts outside and treat yourself to one, two or three dates during an evening with us! 😉

In this post you can enjoy the pictures of wonderful Sindy, hope to see you before the summer is over! 😉 Kisses Kenzie

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