Satisfying curiosity

Satisfying curiosity

There is a lot of interest in our Dominos here at the club! How fun! 😀 In this post you can see pictures of Jinx, one of our sexy Dominas who is happy to take you on an exciting session in the Kinky room! 😉 And there are more "Kinky Queens"! Do not hesitate to ask when you visit us, a curiosity can lead to fantasies and dreams, what you do with them is always up to you 😉 Dominance, submission, role play. There's a lot of appeal in a world where smart gives pleasure. Being able to relax in the fact that someone else has the power and is in charge.

Satisfy with dominance

I've had a few relationships where I've had the honor of satisfying these men with dominance, and wow do I love having the power, dominating and giving a form of pleasure they haven't received from anyone else before! It's not something I have with everyone. Far from it. It takes a certain kind of chemistry, playfulness, and above all trust.

Dare to be playful

But here, domination is not about sex. Pain with implements such as sharp heels, whips, ropes and handcuffs can provide an amazing experience! Let the fantasies begin and let one of our dominos give you satisfaction on a level you may not have tried before. Dare to be playful, we have several wonderful regulars who love to change into high heels, lacquer and leather! 😀

Enough talk about domination, there is so much to do for those who want to have a fantastic evening surrounded by beautiful women! Because who can resist a sexy woman dancing on your lap, almost naked, she will make you lyrical and enraptured. Let her charm and give you a hot experience of Club KINO! 🙂 

Now a long weekend awaits, Ascension Day falls on Thursday and then many are free, hope you are many who are hungry for an exciting night at Club KINO! Satisfy your curiosity with a visit to us! We stay open just as usual, 20:00-05:00 every day! 🙂

Puss Kenzie 

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