Summer at Club KINO
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Summer at Club KINO

As you may have noticed, Club KINO has a nice new website! With this, however, my last post disappeared, and we have a completely new domain to blog from. Hence, updates from me have been missing. But, the summer at Club KINO is in full swing! 😀 We are open just as usual all summer, every day between 20:00-05:00. And there is always every opportunity to make the nights memorable with sexy shows and beautiful women in a glamorous environment! Come and experience striptease live! Treat yourself to an evening with us at Club KINO this summer!

Bathing naked

The last few weeks have not exactly offered the best vacation weather, but many evenings have still been nice and pleasantly warm. Perfect for an evening swim! I love swimming and preferably I want to swim naked with company 😉 There is something special about swimming late in the evening. Not just the darkness, but the calmness, it's all quiet and still, the feeling that you're almost doing something forbidden... The excitement when it's just him and me, how far should we go and is anyone watching us enjoy each other in the water? Just the possibility that someone might be watching us makes the whole situation really porny 😉 For those who love to swim, the opportunity is here with us! Join one or more of the sexy girls and enjoy the bubbles together. The summer at Club KINO is far from over, who would you like to join you?

Let us be your company for an evening

The holidays have begun and many Stockholmers have left the city. But this also means that tourists from all corners of the world find their way here, as well as many guests from other parts of the country. We hope you will choose to visit us if you are in Stockholm, and for those who are still in the city, come! July is often a quieter month when many people travel, I know that many of our wonderful regulars often prefer when it is a little quieter :) Regardless of the day, we are open 20-05, let us be your company for an evening! Who wants to miss the summer at Club KINO?

Film shooting in a strip club environment

Did you know that there are more movies and music videos recorded here in our premises? It happens a few times a year that we rent out our premises during the day for those who want some scenes in a strip club environment 🙂 Sometimes some of our girls have been asked to act as extras by dancing or something else 🙂 Just in the last few months we have had two different film recordings, it will be exciting to see! I'm not revealing any details yet! 😉 But a previous example is the Beck movie "Gunvald" where some scenes are recorded with us 🙂 .

In this post you can enjoy the pictures of Amanda, Jinx, Dessie and Nina! Come and meet them live and welcome to spend some lovely hours of summer at Club KINO! Kiss! Kenzie

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